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In 2017 Springtide Forum and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences took the initiative to launch the Springtide Academy. There is no other place which can compose the essentials of the climate + energy + resources-story in such a compact way as Springtide.

We invited key experts to join our 500 attendants Forum, a unique selection which does not assemble in this format anywhere else. They took part in workshops, masterclasses, and round tables at the Forum and made themselves available for the Academy.

The 2017 edition of the Academy was the first of a series. We intend to have classes on the latest data regarding climate, energy, innovation, CO2-abatement, policy development, resource depletion and, overall, the story which is the central axis of Springtide, the famous Limits to Growth. It is noticeable that LIMITS, as it is called for short, is taught nowhere, in spite of the fact that it contains the full content of the human predicament.

Launched in 1971 by the Club of Rome, it exposed the world to a survey which had never been written before. Major trends such as pollution, population, resources, food and (industrial) production, as interrelated as they are, were modelled as a One Global System for the rst time in history.

At Universities and Colleges there will be teachings on energy, climate, resources and related subjects can be heard and exams be taken. The Springtide combination of international experts and interaction with the large crowd of 500 Springtij Forum participants is very different from the regular academic courses.

In 1971 LIMITS predicted Overshoot + Collapse of the Global System by 2030 – 2050. Several times the data of 1971 have been evaluated, last time in 2014, when Jørgen Randers published his review, a book or report named 2052.

The Dutch Green Planning Agency PBL has repeatedly published updates, comparing these to relevant sister-studies such as the World Energy Outlook and the latest IPCC data.

At the Springtide Academy, we cover all this in the breath-taking surroundings of this beautiful island.

This was last years Programme:
Programme Springtide Academy