Start-up on the Beach @ Springtij 2017

This year, Start-up on the Beach is enabled by Accenture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The program is dedicated to find sustainable, circular solutions to preserve our water, soil, and all living things: our Natural Capital.

If you are working with or you know a start-up that reduces the impact on our environment, ask them to join the Start up on the Beach challenge! We invite eight start-ups to pitch at Springtij and to work together with a team of experts on making their positive impacts even greater. Don’t wait! If you (or a relative) have a business model focused on (preserving) Natural Capita or Circularity, join Start-up on the Beach during Springtij.

Start-up on the Beach

The start-ups will get to first pitch their ideas in a plenary session and later to discuss their greatest challenge with a subgroup of Springtij participants.

The co-creation session will be guided by trained facilitators from Accenture. During, before and after Springtij, the start-ups will be supported by an ambassador; someone with years of experience and a network in the branch of interest for the start up.

To all Springtij participants

  • Keep an eye on this page as the start-ups will be announced soon!
  • During Springtij you will be able to sign up for Start-up on the Beach as part of the Springtij programme and join a creative interactive session that will impact the way we interact with nature.

Interested to contribute as an ambassador?

See you all at Start-up on the Beach, 21-23 September on Terschelling!