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Plenaire sprekers 2023SamenSysteem

DE TIJD VAN Joyeeta Gupta

By 20th september 2023april 17th, 2024No Comments

“We dweilen met de kraan open. Alleen met een hele kleine dweil en een hele grote kraan. The world is a third world country”. Zo opende professor Joyeeta Gupta haar pleidooi voor een mondiale grondwet op Springtij Forum 2023 op Terschelling.

“It’s the top 4% that consume and pollute as much as it would need us to provide the minimum access to all people on earth for food, water, electricity and infrastructure. We have to do something about the global inequality worldwide. We moeten anders denken. I think we have to start thinking differently of what makes us happy. Why can’t we be happy with less. I’m sure even very rich people can be happy with less. They just do not know it yet.”

“We need a global constitution that tries to think long term and protect us all against ourselves. A constitution at a global level, which say that everybody has certain rights to basic resources and rights not to be harmed by people elsewhere in the world.”

Bekijk haar optreden.